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Initally, we started out offering beers and juices in 2012. Since then we have filled out our offering and diversified our portfolio.


Today we are able to offer:


• Dairy products from 3 of the top 5 Polish Dairies. All of these companies have very wide portfolios from skim and full cream powders to butter to drinkable yogurts, cheeses and UHT milks and creams. These companies are professional exporter and have the experience to get the job done properly, price-wise and logistiically.


• Baby Formula from Europe with approval for China.


• We can provide all types of chocolates, busquits,  wafers, candies and snacks. Many of the larger international concerns, owners of world known brands have built factories in Poland where we can source products wth full shelf lives, not products that have been shuffled in and out of hypermarkets and warehouses.


• We represent Perla Brewery. Perla is the number 1 indenpendant brewery in Poland. It producer around 2 million hektoliters per year in a variety of styles. Perla is an extremely high quality beer made in one the worlds number 1 hops growing regions, a region famous for Lublin and Marynka hops varieties. You won’t find a better beer for this price anywhere.


• Poland is a grain and cereal country. We can supply products from the best producers of meusli, granola, healthy snack bars as well as private label offers for all forms and mixes of breakfast cereals.


• Poland is ranked 8th in the world in Honey production with around 1 million families keeping bees. This is really back to the basics honey production, not enormous concerns focused on mass production. The diversity is incredible and because Poland is very lush, full of meadows, organic agriculture and forests, the taste is particular exquisite. In fact, honey is so popular in Poland that it produces Mead, an alcholic drink that predates Vodka and other spirits, which we can also supply.


• Rapeseed, linseed and sunflower oil can be sourced from Poland. In additional to that we can source from most other markets in Central and Eastern Europe as well as providing Grape Seed Oil and Olive oil from Southern Europe.

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