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-  BASICS  -

FoodsTrade Poland and FoodsTrade Hong Kong began with a basic idea in 2012, to bring Polish brands and foods to the Asian markets, with particular emphasis on capturing the Chinese market.


Polish food products are known for their extremely high quality. The Polish environment is extremely clean. Due the accidents of history, Polands agriculture was never industrialised and mechanized to the extent of Western Europe, North America or Australia. Modern agriculture in Poland arrived at the same time that the awareness of eating organic and bio became common place. Polands producers were in a unique position, they did not have to „deindustrialise” in order to return to focusing on quality instead of quantity.


FoodsTrade consists of several offices and associates in Europe and in Asia that source directly from Producers. We have built personal relationships with all of our suppliers and strive to build on businss on openness, trust, clarity and profitability for all that we do business with, from suppliers to buyers.

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