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Gluten-free does not mean tasteless

Yes. We perfectly know all the inconveniences connected with the gluten-free and low protein diet. Our efforts, which we have been making for a few years, aim at the situation when COELIAC DISEASE and PHENYLKETONURIA will not limit anyone. The cuisine that has formed the cultures for ages is not only the way of appeasing hunger anymore. Next to quality, preparing tasteful products which can be prepared in different ways is our closest concern. By permanent research and the search of NEW! solutions we aim at the improvement of our Consumers’ health and at supplying you with a wide range of flavours and aromas. We want you, by choosing our product, to enjoy good health, preparation and serving your meals.

Products under strict control

Health, health and health again. This is the supreme value, precious for every human being. That is why we pay special attention to the resources that we use to create products for our Consumers. Only reliable, solid and proven suppliers. Only the products enjoying all the possible certificates and findings. Thanks to periodic controls the quality of resources undergoes a doubled analysis. All of this is made in order that, while sitting at the table, you can wish, with a strong belief and serenity, ENJOY YOUR MEAL to one another.



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