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-   ABOUT US  -

First off, we are not traders who chase the latest deal, sending out blanket emails on products that don’t exist or chasing the latest „hot offer” or „hot request” that is flying across the trader platforms, emails and newsletters. We know our suppliers personally. We know, or will want to know, our buyers personally.


We do not source from middlemen or big trading houses. This just does not match how we think or our personalities.


Orders are sourced directly from the producers. In most cases, we will move to connecting the buyers directly to the producers to help facilitate the conclusion of the deal, once we are sure that we are all at a mutual point of trust.


We are able to accomodate different forms of billings and payments. In most cases, we prefer that they buyer pays directly to the producer, who we in turn have agreements. This allows for greater transparency and simplifies the financing drastically. Doing this, we all get to focus on getting business done, not paper work and time consuming negotiations that are not incumbent on the success of the deals.

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Paweł Kałużyński


I have been associated with the Advertising Industry since 2004. I began my career as a  DTP operator, and moved on to BTL producer, copywriter, and finally as CEO in my own startup company. My company handled numerous BTL projects for Adidas Poland, Nestle, Coca-Cola and the biggest e-commerce platform in Poland


Later I provided support and cooperation between DELL Poland and their investment to the city of Lodz, Poland.  I ran recruitment campaigns, trainings, exhibitions and other events.  I also worked closely with EURO RSCG Warsaw and Havas Poland, sourcing marketing and promotional materials from factories across Southern China.


Since starting Foods Trade, I have lived between Hong Kong and Shenzhen for two years, learning the local culture and habits.


I studied at the Faculty of Law at Warsaw University and speak Polish, English, French and am currently studying Mandarin.

Karolina Mazurowska, PhD.


I am Assistant Professor at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland. I received my Ph.D from Faculty of Psychology. My major areas of interest and expertise are: cross-cultural  psychology    (acculturation

intercultural communication) and Asian psychology & culture. I provide lectures on the area of cultural adaptation and culture differences.


I obtained Ph.D. in cross-cultural business psychology. My  research referred to conflict resolution between European expatriates and Chinese professionals working together in MNC’s in the biggest Chinese cities. Through last 10 years As business psychologist I worked for such clients as Huawei Poland, for the leader of the European chemical industry - Grupa Azoty S.A., for Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), CEE Private Equity Group and many mid - sized companies.


I am fluent in English and Mandarin which I studied for 2 years at Beijing University

Mariusz Jezierski


When for an n-time someone asks me "why China?" I still can't come up with a straight answer. But I am clear about one thing, each time this question pops up I am reminded that choosing China was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have been dealing with China for more than a decade now. From the beginning I took the matter very seriously, I started discovering this country through academic books and surrounded by some great mentors. I am proud to be an alumnus of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Five years of Sinology Masters Program at UAM passed in a flash. This was one of the most productive times of my life.


All that happened next seam to be sequence of consequences. I moved to Beijing. I served our country promoting Polish Culture with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Beijing. Worked hard, partied hard, so that one day I could set things up for my own. For the last year I freelanced in various business and culture projects. I am happy to be with here, now, with Foods Trade.


I speak fluent Mandarin, English, Polish, and Russian.  I was honoured last year with the privilege to translate for President Duda of Poland and President Xi Jinping.


Piotr Choczyński


I am a veterinarian by trade with a degree from the University of Lublin. Mostly I have been involved in the analysis, marketing, business strategies for veterinary and zootechnical products on the Poland markets as well as International Sales to wholesales as well as final customers including Agricultural Holdings, Universities, Research Facilities and National Institutions.


Much of my work and experience has been sales and order fulfilment but also business development, data base management and accumulation and long term relationship building with key accounts.


In addition to that I provide training for usage of veterinary, zootechnical and general animal husbandry equipment as well as supply chain management, business negotiations and financial planning.


I have worked with several Polish companies entering the Chinese market and currently am employed at Smithfield Foods in Poland, a subsidiary of the Chinese Shuanghui Group.


I speak fluent English and Polish.


Alex Salamonik


After graduating from sinology at the University of Warsaw, I was granted a scholarship and came to Suzhou, China to continue my education at the local Soochow University. After graduation, I began working with the company Luoxiang Trading, in which I was mainly responsible for projects and research activities focused on European markets.


In 2015, I started working at Rentai Group, Taihu Golf Hotel where I was entrusted with executive positions in the process of events organization. I was also responsible for foreign delegations and relations with the VIP guests of different nationalities including Chinese.


In the last quarter of 2015, I joined the ranks of the company Foods Trade, where I was entrusted with the roles of regional Executive Director, currently responsible for activities in the markets of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Since March 2016 I am member of the board at Foods Trade. I am also the founder and the creator of a platform supporting the promotion of Chinese cafes and coffee shops, Suzhou Coffee Afternoon.


I speak fluent Mandarin, English and Polish. 


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