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Quick Details

Product Type: Beer 
Alcohol Content (%): 5
Type: Lager
Variety: Steam Beer 
Color: Light 
Processing Type: Pasteurized Beer 
Packaging: Bottle / Can (Tinned)
Shelf Life: 12 months
Weight (kg): 0.5 
Country of Origin: Poland 
Brand Name: ZWIERZYNIEC Pils Beer

Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details:Packaging: Bottle / Can 
Multipack: 20 pcs. / 24 pcs. 
Layer: 11 shrink wrap. tr. - 220 pcs / 9 shrink wrap. tr. - 216 pcs 
Pallet: 5 layer - 1100 pcs / 7 layers 1512 pcs 
Pallet type (wid./len./heig.): Beer (100/120/140) / Euro (100/80/135)



    Light beer
    Alcohol content: 5,0%

    ZWIERZNIEC PILS is a classic beer of a bottom fermentation wiyh 5% alcohol content. Engagingly mild and at the same time full of a wild vigorousness extracted from the heart of Lubelskie region. The valors of nature in which hops mature matched with the master recipe of Lublin's brewers allow Zwierzyniec beer to be appreciated by everybody. Must all beers taste the same? Drink Zwierzyniec beer!

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