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Muesli Lo is a mix of cereals which contains as much as 30% of dried fruits! It does not contain sugar, whereas its sweetness derives exclusively from natural sugars of the fruits.
Because of high content of fibre, it is conducive to slimming and body cleansing. 
Muesli Lo is enriched with inulin, a natural prebiotic which stimulates the growth of digestive system microflora. It is not digested by human enzymes and on the way through the digestive system it carries away toxins.
Dried fruits contain valuable nutrients. Figs and dates provide energy and contain plenty of potassium; raisins – plenty of folic acid and vitamin E, thus they delay aging processes; peach is s true vitamin bomb (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, PP); dried plums facilitate digestion and have slimming properties. In addition they are delicious!
Muesli Lo with fruits sugar-free is a product for those who watch their waistline and want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. It tastes best with milk, yoghurt or kefir.


  • Ingredients:
    Cereals 65% (rolled oatsbarley flakes, spelt flakes); mix of fruits 30%: dried date (date, rice flour), raisin, dried fig (fig, rice flour), dried plum (plum, rice flour), dried peach (peach, rice flour); inulin 3,4 %, flavour.
    It may contain traces of milk and soya.
    It contains natural sugars. 100 g of the product contains 3,4 g of inulin.
    Net weight: 300g

    Nutritional value in 100g of product
    Energy value 1434 kJ/351 kcal
    Fat 4.4 g

    of which saturates

    0.8 g


    61.0 g


    of which sugars

    18.0 g


    11.0 g

    Protein 8.6 g
    Salt 0,1 g
    Thiamine (vitamin B1) 0,3 mg (27%)*
    Folic acid 48.2 µg (24%)*
    Potassium 354 mg (18%)*
    Phospshorus 282 mg (40%)*
    Iron 3.0 mg (21%)*
    Zinc 1.8 mg (18%)*
    Magnesium 79.9 mg (21%)*
    Manganese 2.3 mg (115%)*
    Copper 0,3 mg (30%)*
    *% nutrient reference value for an adult
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