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Fruit Granola by Sante is an extremely crispy, nearly cookie combination of baked cereals and fruits: strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and chokeberry.
Because of its high content of fibre, which facilitates digestion and supports slimming, it is an element of a well-balanced everyday diet.
It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
Fruits contained in muesli facilitate digestion and have antioxidant properties (they neutralize the influence of free radicals).
Granola is a proposal for nutritious breakfast – it may be added to milk, yoghurt, kefir or juice. Simultaneously, it is a tasty and healthy snack – you may crunch it between meals.

Sante FRUIT GRANOLA 350g / 500g / 50g

  • Ingredients:
    Cereal products 67% (rolled oatsbarley flour, corn flour, corn meal, rice flour), unrefined cane sugar, palm oil, glucose syrup, coconut flakes, freeze-dried fruits 1,7% (strawberry, chokeberry, raspberry, cranberry), cane treacle, inulin, sugar, Himalayan salt, raising agent: sodium carbonate; barley malt extract, salt, emulsifier: lecithin (ofsoya); sugar, flavour, sunflower oil.
    It may contain traces of peanuts and other nuts and milk.
    Weight: 350g / 500g / 50g

    Nutritional value in 100g of product
    Energy value 431 kcal / 1811 kJ
    Fat 14 g

    of which saturates

    5,9 g


    66 g

    of which sugars

    18 g


    6,2 g


    7,6 g
    Salt 0,5 g
    Vitamins and minerals
    Thiamine 0,3 mg (27%)*
    Folic acid 38,1 µg (19%)*
    Phosphorus 245 mg (35%)*
    Copper 0,2 mg (20%)*
    Magnesium 73,6 mg (20%)*
    Iron 2,6 mg (19%)*
    Zinc 1,9 mg (19%)*
    Manganese 1,6 mg (80%)* 
    *% *% nutrient refernce value for an adult
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