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A PROFESSIONAL DETOX FORMULA for women who want to purify their bodies! 

Do you ever feel "swollen" because of excess water accumulated in your body? Would you like to get rid of unnecessary metabolic waste and protect your cells from free radicals more efficiently? Perhaps your hair and nails need additional support? Take care of your body in a special way with SET FREE LADY®! A comprehensive preparation containing properly combined antioxidants that purify the body, neutralize free radicals, protect from oxidative stress, and reduce weariness.


  • SET FREE LADY™ is an excellent combination of substances that effectively and safely cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals thanks to the modern form of microencapsulated ascorbic acid PureWay-C® and vitamin E. Both these compounds have a key role to play, and they support each other in neutralising free radicals. Another ingredient that protects the body against oxidative stress is zinc – provided in a completely safe, hypo-allergenic, and easily assimilated form of chelate compound with amino acids. This element forms a part of many important enzymes – one of these being superoxide dismutase, which is one of the systems through which our body protects itself from free radicals. It contains two independent sources of magnesium – an element necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles and proper neurotransmission, as well as helping to reduce weariness. Calcium is the basic mineral element of the bone tissue, it plays an important role in the maintenance of the proper neurotransmission and contributes to proper blood clotting. 

    Citric acid residue, in the magnesium, and calcium salts support the buffer systems of the body. One of the most important factors determining the physical capabilities of an individual is the efficient elimination and neutralisation of the metabolites that cause a significant change in the pH of the blood, pushing it beyond the normal limit. The optimal pH for the proper conduct of physiological processes is 7.35 – 7.45. In order to maintain the acid-base homeostasis in this range, the body employs a wide array of various buffer systems. The citric acid residue included in the preparation supports the most important system that regulates blood acidity – the bicarbonate buffering system. The presence of citrate outside the cell allows the body to increase the level of bicarbonates, raise the pH of the blood, and – as a result – to neutralise the influence of metabolites. The base magnesium and calcium cations additionally help to maintain the stability of the blood environment. The presence of waterless tricalcium phosphate helps to maintain the acid-base balance inside the cells, thanks to both its phosphate anion and the base calcium cation. pH regulation is intensified by added bicarbonate salts. Cranberry extract included in the preparation (standardized to contain 10% proanthocyanidins) has antioxidizing properties and supports the proper functioning of the urinary system. Glucuronolactone is an important compound that mediates the metabolism of carbohydrates. Nettle extract prevents water retention and assists in the elimination of metabolic waste, and – together with horsetail extract - it additionally supports the proper functioning of the kidneys, and has a positive influence on maintaining the healthy look of hair, skin, and nails. There is no easier and more pleasant way to purify the body!

    SET FREE LADY™  – guarantees yourself a comprehensive effect, and allows your body to feel the positive influence of anti oxidants.

    Ingredients: acidity regulator - citric acid; potassium carbonate, bulking agent – sorbitols; calcium salts of citric acid, magnesium salts of citric acid, aromas, stabiliser - polyethylene glycol; calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid,  sweeteners – acesulfame K, cyclamates; magnesium oxide, large cranberry extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton), nettle extract (Urtica dioica L.), field horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense L.), 0,6% microencapsulated L-ascorbic acid (PureWay-C®) – vit. C, glucuronolactone, zinc bisglycinate (zinc amino acid chelate Albion®), anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide, 0,2% DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate – vit. E.

    Nutrition information

    1 tablet

    Vit. E

    3 mg (25%*)

    Vit. C (PureWay-C®)

    20 mg (25%*)


    120 mg (15%*)


    56,2 mg (15%*)

    Zinc (Albion®)

    1,5 mg (15%*)


    390 mg (19,5%*)

    Large Cranberry extract

    of which:


    50 mg


    5 mg

    Nettle extract

    40 mg

    Field horsetail extract 

    of which:

    Silicon compounds

    30 mg


    2,1 mg


    20 mg

    *NRVs - nutrient reference values

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