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Quick Details

Product Type: Beer 
Alcohol Content (%): 6 
Type: Lager
Variety: Steam Beer 
Color: Light 
Processing Type: Pasteurized Beer 
Packaging: Bottle
Shelf Life: 12 months
Weight (kg): 0.33
Country of Origin: Poland 
Brand Name: ZWIERZYNIEC PILS Limited Edition beer

Packaging Details:
1080 units per europallet (80x120) 
Pallet type (wid./len./heig.): Beer (100/120/140) / Euro (100/80/135)

ZWIERZYNIEC PILS Limited Edition beer

  • ZWIERZYNIEC PILS Limited edition

    Premium light beer, Bohemian Pilsner Syle
    Extract 13% Alcohol content: 6%

    We celebrated the reactivation of brewing beer in Zwierzyniec with a limited edition of the bohemian pilsner, named Zwierzyniec Pils – limited edition. It is one of the oldest types of beer of a light colour and perfect clarity.

    A delicate golden colour is accompanied by an optimal carbonation and creamy white, thick, frothy foam. The beer has an unimproved, clean aroma and a well balanced malt and gentian flavour.

    Uniqueness of Zwierzyniec Pils – limited edition derives from its ingredients and the brewing method. The secret to the rediscovered flavour from the past is the spring water from a water intake in Roztocze district, top quality hops from Lubelszczyzna region and an exceptional brewing method – double decotion mash.

    The beginning of decotion mash method was a time, when wort was brewed slowly.

    Nowadays, this technology isn't popular, however there is an existing believe among brewers, that decoction mash gives beer even fuller flavour.

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