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Country of Origin: Poland 
Primary Ingredient: Raspberry 
Processing Type: Cold-pressed 
Feature: Organic / BIO 
Certification: BIO, EEC, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER 
Packaging: Glass Bottle Volume (L): 0.5 
Weight (kg): 0.65 
Shelf Life: 12 months

Organic Rasberry Cold Pressed Juice

    • Red raspberry – natural aspirin is a known diaphoretic used at home in viral and bacterial diseases involving fever. Contains large amounts of organic acids: citric, malic and ascorbic acids as well as salicylic acid that is responsible for the diaphoretic properties of raspberries.
    • Apart from sugars, the fruits contain large amount of organic acids (citric, malic, ascorbic and salicylic), mucilaginous compounds, pectins, anthocyanins, mineral salts, of which the most important are compounds of iron and copper, as well as vitamins C, A, B and PP.
    • Raspberry syrup and juice have long been known and frequently used as a diaphoretic at home in bacterial and viral diseases involving fever. They stimulate the activity of sweat glands and in fevers they lead to the increased perspiration within half an hour (up to one hour) after application.
    • The substance that causes sweating has not yet been chemically isolated. Most probably the sweating is caused by salicylates (i.e. the same substance that is an ingredient of aspirin). 
    • Due to the relatively large amount of purines that can be found in raspberries, they should not be consumed in an excessive amount by people with gout and renal insufficiency.
    • If we assume that the warming effect of raspberries is the effect of salicylates, then pure raspberry juice should be cautiously consumed by pregnant women.
    • Number of pieces in a collective packaging      6
    • Number of collective packs per layer              33
    • Number of layers per pallet                               3
    • Number of collective packs per pallet             99
    • Number of pieces per pallet                          594
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