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Frutek instant teas are developed to cover the need for hydration and liquid, the teas are excellent for thirsty babies, toddlers and small children. Frutek teas are also more than appropriate in the process of solid food introduction. Instant teas are mild, they do not need extra sweetening. The main benet is also simple preparation with boiled water, the granules are easy meltable in hot or cold water. Instant teas Frutek are packed in handy packaging and therefore appropriate for when on the go.



    • Sales unit: Cartboard 200g
    • Packaging dimensions: (mm) 75 X 75 X 145
    • Unit weight: 0,246 kg
    • Transport unit: cardboard pad 6 units (2x3)
    • Transport dimensions: 235 x 155 x 145
    • Transport unit weight: 1,476 kg
    • Number of units per pallet: 900 
    • Pallet arragment: 25 packets in base (150 units line x 6 lines
    • Pallet weight (excl. pallet): 240 kg
    • Shelflife: 27 months. 

    Fructal is an innovative company with a distinctive image that consistently embodies the mission of the company and itsbrands. Its fundamental values are quality and a positive attitude to nature.


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