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Banana nectar. Pasteurized. Fruit content a minimum of 30%. Contains sugar and sweetener.
In Fortuna, we know that "less is more", that's why in our product partially replaced the sugar sugar natural origin with a plant called stevia. Stevia comes from South America. Its leaves are 200-300 times sweeter than regular table sugar, and contain virtually no calories. Extracted from the leaves of Stevia glycosides are used to sweeten instead of white sugar.
This nectar is about 30% less calories compared to the corresponding products IE. other drinks and Nectars of the same flavor.

FORTUNA Banana Nectar

    • Ingredients: 
    • water
    • banana puree 30%
    • glucose syrup-fructose
    • citric acid-acidity regulator
    • sweetener: stevia glycosides
    •  natural aroma
    • Nutritional value:
    • energy value 149 kJ/35kcal
    • fat < 0, 5 g (including fatty acids saturated 0 g)
    • carbohydrates 8 g  (including sugars 8 g)
    • protein < 0.5 g
    • Salt 0g
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