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Drink with apples and papaya with lemon grass. Pasteurized. Without the addition of sugars. Contains naturally occurring sugars. Reduced energy value due to the elimination of sugar added.

FORTUNA Appla Papaya Lemon Grass Drink

    • Ingredients: 
    • concentrated juices juice: apples (60%) and papaya (0,07%)
    • natural mineral water
    • the natural aroma of Lemongrass (0.03%)
    • aromas
    • Nutritional value in 100ml:
    • the energy value of 110kJ/26 kcal
    • protein 0g
    • carbohydrates 6, 2 g (including 6 sugars, 2 g)
    • fat (including saturated fatty acids 0g) 0g
    • fiber 0g
    • sodium 0g
    • * - naturally occurring sugars in fruits
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