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Country of Origin: Poland 
Primary Ingredient: Blueberry
Processing Type: Cold-pressed 
Feature: Organic / BIO 
Certification: BIO, EEC, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER 
Packaging: Glass Bottle Volume (L): 0.5 
Weight (kg): 0.65 
Shelf Life: 12 months

Blueberry Organic Cold Pressed Juice

  • Blueberry Organic Cold Pressed Juice

    • Blueberry Juice is recommended to people with vision problems.
    • The extract contains a substance regulating blood sugar levels, and thanks to the high content of tannins seals mucous membranes of the stomach, it neutralizes harmful metabolic products.
    • Blueberries are Low in Calories, But High in Nutrients
    • Blueberries are among the most nutrient dense berries. A 1 cup serving (148 grams) of blueberries contains:
    1. Fiber: 4 grams.
    2. Vitamin C: 24% of the RDA.
    3. Vitamin K: 36% of the RDA.
    4. Manganese: 25% of the RDA.
    • Then it contains small amounts of various other nutrients. They are also about 85% water, and an entire cup contains only 84 calories, with 15 grams of carbohydrates. Calorie for calorie, this makes them an excellent source of several important nutrients.
    • Blueberries are the King of Antioxidant Foods. They protect our bodies from damage by free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage cellular structures and contribute to aging and diseases like cancer. Blueberries are believed to contain the highest antioxidant capacity of ALL commonly consumed fruits and vegetables. The main antioxidant compounds in blueberries belong to a large family of polyphenols, called flavonoids. One group of flavonoids in particular, anthocyanins, is thought to be responsible for much of the beneficial health effects. They have been shown to directly increase antioxidant levels inside the body 
    • Blueberries Reduce DNA Damage, Which May Help Protect Against Ageing and Cancer. It is said to occur tens of thousands of times per day, in every single cell in the body. DNA damage is part of the reason we grow older, and it also plays an important role in the development of diseases like cancer
    • Because blueberries are high in antioxidants, they can help neutralize some of thefree radicals that cause damage to our DNA. Blueberries Protect Cholesterol in The Blood From Becoming Damaged. Oxidative damage is not limited to our cells and DNA. It is also problematic when our circulating LDLlipoproteins (the “bad” cholesterol) are oxidized. In fact, oxidation of LDL is a crucial step in the heart disease process. The antioxidants in blueberries have been shown to protect LDL lipoproteins (the “bad” cholesterol) from oxidative damage, a crucial step in the pathway towards heart disease.
    • Blueberries May Lower Blood Pressure Blueberries appear to have significant benefits for people with high blood pressure (hypertension), a major risk factor for some of the world’s leading killers.
    • Blueberries Can Help Maintain Brain Function and Improve Memory. Oxidative stress can accelerate the brain’s aging process, having negative effects on brain function. According to animal studies, the antioxidants in blueberries tend to accumulate in areas of the brain that are essential for intelligence. They appear to directly interact with aging neurons, leading to improvements in cell signalling.
    • Anthocyanins in Blueberries Can Have Anti-Diabetic Effects. Blueberries are moderate in sugar when compared to other fruits.
    • Substances in Them May Help Fight Urinary Tract Infections. Urinary tract infections are a common problem in women. It is well known that cranberry juice can help prevent these types of infections. Blueberries are highly related to cranberries, and contain many of the same active substances as cranberry juice. These substances are called anti-adhesives, and help prevent bacteria like E. colifrom binding to the wall of the bladder.
    • Blueberries May Help Reduce Muscle Damage After Strenuous Exercise. Strenuous exercise can lead to muscle soreness and fatigue. Blueberry supplementation may reduce the damage that occurs at the molecular level, minimizing soreness and reduction in muscle performance.


    • Number of pieces in a collective packaging      6
    • Number of collective packs per layer              33
    • Number of layers per pallet                               3
    • Number of collective packs per pallet             99
    • Number of pieces per pallet                          594
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