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Sądecki Bartnik apiary is a family business, which is run by Anna and Janusz Kasztelewicz, for whom beekeeping is more than merely an occupation- it is their passion for the fascinating tradition of beekeeping. The farm is situated in Stróże, a town in the South of Poland, in the heart of the picturesque mountains of the Beskid Sądecki.

The collection of Bee Farm honeys could be best characterized by its simplicity and clarity of composition. This Special offer comprises of the following honeys: multi-flower, acacia, blossom, lime blossom, and honeydew honey.

Bee Farm Bio/Organic Blossom Honey 250/370g

  • Carefully selected products, consistent striving for top quality of the products allowed the company to achieve the Top Quality Certificate of the European Quality Institute, which was preceded by the 2001 implementation of the quality management systems ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as the HACCP system. We are also proud to have EU's Organic Farming Certification - BIO.

    • These BIO products are derived from organic apiaries, use of any chemicals to combat bee diseases is forbidden. Moreover, beekeepers may not set up beehives near the so-called "industrial" plantations of fruit trees, and the hives must be made ofnatural material like a tree, straw or clay.
    • All bee products, especially organic products help to reduce the propensity to allergies and allergies, improve the health of the body, develop a natural immunity to fight colds.
    • We offer 4 types of organic honey: Acacia, Lime, Honeydew and Blossom.
    • Blossom honey omes from nectar collected by bees from different plantsboth cultivated and grown on fields or in the Woods.
    • Its colour is pale creamy, tea-like. Crystallized quite quickly changes its colour to the light grey or light brown.
    • It is characterized by a rather strong scent, reminiscent of the smell of wax and its taste depends on the nectars around the hive.
    • Spring honey is formed around a bouquet of spring flowers. The colour is pale creamy and taste is mild. Depending on the place in which it is collected by bees, can smell the aroma of the flower, dandelion, raspberry or flower of canola.
    • This honey contains a lot of simple sugars: glucose and fructose. It is recommended for allergy sufferers and people suffering from hay fever. This honey is non-sensitizing.
    • Its medical qualities depend on the plants from which the bees gather nectar. It is particularly recommended for prevention of diseases of light allergies. It includes the flower pollen which is an antigens.



    pieces in a wrap

    wraps in a layer

    pieces in a layer

    layers on a pallet

    Jar 370 g





    Squeeze bottle 370 g





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