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Radamer is certainly the most well-known Polish cheese brand. Some may think, Radamer like Gouda or Emmentaler,  has its roots in the Netherlands or Switzerland.
In fact the formula of this unique cheese was developed nearly 20 years ago by Radzyn cheesemakers. By the time global canons of cheese industry did not know cheese that combines gentleness of Dutch Gouda with clarity and mesh size of mature cherries, which can be found in the Swiss Emmentaler.

Grand Radamer 8kg/2kg/190g

  • Grand RADAMER is a noble cheese matured for at least 3 weeks in the so-called dry crest.
    Selected propionic bacteria play an important role in its production and make the curd is filled with distinctive holes. Cheese is constantly rotated and massaged with special paste, which allows him to breathe.

    Carefully selected temperature, humidity and the time guarantee the beautiful, large and evenly spaced holes. It results in a mild milky taste of cream, impresses with notes of walnut and roasted almonds.

    Logistic Information

    • Drums
    • Net Weight - approx. 8kg
    • Units per carton - 1
    • Units per pallet - 68
    • Quarters
    • Net Weight - approx. 2kg
    • Units per carton - 2
    • Units per pallet - 136
    • Wedges
    • Net Weight - 190g
    • Units per carton - 8
    • Units per pallet - 1536
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