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Bursztyn [Amber], Rubin [Ruby] and Szafir [Sapphire] are the true Cheesemaker's Treasures.
The aforementioned products belong to the long-maturing cheese types which are true aristocrats in the world of cheeses.
They are made with the use of traditional methods.

We owe their taste to the best quality milk coming from selected farms located on the meadows of the green Polesie region, the state-of the-art technology, the experience and the recipe developed by the cheesemakers of Radzyń Podlaski.

All these advantages have made Bursztyn [Amber], Rubin [Ruby] and Szafir [Sapphire] become the brands of the Polish long-maturing cheeses which have been appreciated by gourmets, culinary reviewers and the cheesemaking industry.

Rubin Cheese (Ruby) 8kg/2kg/190g

  • Farmer's cheese with a buttery note

    The Rubin [Ruby] cheese recipe and production process were wholly developed in 2009 by the cheesemakers of Radzyń Podlaski. The taste starter cultures composed in Radzyń Podlaski make it the most unique of all the Cheesemaker's Treasures, appreciated by both the beginners and the experienced gourmets. This cheese needs at least 3 months to mature.

    Rubin [Ruby] is a classic example of a cheese in case of which the flavour takes you down a different road than that of the proper taste in your mouth. The aftertastes of Rubin [Ruby] are clearly buttery; the aroma and the flavour bring a rural farming note, as do the French cheeses

    Logistic Information

    • Drums
    • Net Weight - approx. 8kg
    • Units per carton - 1
    • Units per pallet - 69
    • Quarters
    • Net Weight - approx. 2kg
    • Units per carton - 2
    • Units per pallet - 184
    • Wedges
    • Net Weight - 190g
    • Units per carton - 8
    • Units per pallet - 1536
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